The strategic product integration of Silverfort and Ping Identity enable organizations to gain unified risk analysis of their authentications and access attempts across their on-prem and multi-cloud environments, enabling detection of threats in real time and enforcing policies to prevent identity-based attacks.

“The Silverfort and Ping Identity integration enables customers to achieve Zero Trust Identity Security via seamless authentication experiences. Whether applications are in the cloud, on-premises, federated or hybrid, Ping Identity and Silverfort make it possible to see the true context of authentication with AI-based risk analysis, and apply adaptive access policies that defend against identity-related security threats.”

Loren Russon, VP of Product & Technology, Ping Identity

Key Use Cases:

  • Enterprise-wide visibility and risk analysis
  • Unified risk-based authentication 
  • Extend Ping Identity MFA to any resource 

Enterprise-Wide Visibility and Risk Analysis

  • Silverfort continuously monitors all access requests, of human and non-human users (service accounts), to any asset – on-prem or cloud, providing a comprehensive audit trail
  • Silverfort also receives authentication requests from all the applications federated by Ping Identity to include in the audit trail, correlating them with the user’s access activity across all other IAM platforms
  • Silverfort’s AI-driven risk engine analyzes each access request, providing the correct context of the activity, to detect anomalies and malicious patterns in real-time

Unified Risk-Based Authentication 

  • Based on Silverfort’s visibility and risk analysis across all IAM platforms, including Ping Identity, Silverfort continuously evaluates each access request based on its full context
  • Upon detecting threats or anomalous behavior, Silverfort applies an adaptive authentication and access policy across the entire environment, including any access via PingFederate
  • Customers gain protection from identity-based attacks and lateral movement in the hybrid network as well as full visibility into their users’ authentication trail

Extend Ping Identity MFA to any resource 

  • Standardize Ping Identity as the single MFA solution across your organization
  • Use Silverfort to extend Ping Identity MFA to all resources, including assets that aren’t natively supported, such as homegrown and legacy apps, IT infrastructure, file shares and databases, command-line tools, industrial systems, and more
  • Eliminate the operational complexities of managing several MFA solutions in parallel
  • Reduce the overall TCO and optimize your investment in secure authentication