MFA Everywhere with Silverfort

Silverfort can extend MFA to any resource, asset, system or network without agents or proxies. Browse the list below to find out more.

Extend MFA to any resource

Extend MFA protection to assets that couldn’t be protected before, including legacy applications, command line access on servers and workstations, file shares, networking and IT infrastructure, external and internal admin access, and more.

Agentless & Proxyless MFA

With Silverfort’s innovative architecture, organizations can gain complete MFA coverage without modifying servers or apps, deploying proxies in your network, or installing agents.

Use your MFA of choice

Choose between using Silverfort as your ultimate MFA solution or leverage its native integration with Microsoft, Okta, Ping, Yubico, Duo, RSA, HYPR, and other leading providers.

Replace your traditional MFA solution

Use Silverfort’s unified identity protection platform to replace any MFA solution, delivering broader protection, simpler maintenance and significant savings.