Smart CIO New Zealand virtual Event -2020

In the midst of lockdown, Techday launched its very first digital event platform, with the aim to pick up the New Zealand IT industry by its bootstraps – the NZ IT Reboot.

Tech resellers, retailers, integrators, distributors or vendors set up exhibition stands, to get their message out and potentially turn around their bleak financial outlooks.

The New Zealand IT Reboot grew from a small idea to a big event, and within four weeks the website was developed, 277 exhibitors signed up and over 22,000 visitors attended.

Now, Techday is taking that success and channelling into its new digital event platform – Smart CIO.

Meet our cybersecurity experts in the exhibit hall and explore interactive materials that show how Silverfort’s innovative platform helps security teams gain full control over their multi-environment network, learn how to:

  • Seamlessly secure access to any sensitive system, including systems that couldn’t be protected until today, like homegrown systems, legacy applications that are migrated to the cloud, IT infrastructure, and more – without agents or proxies!
  • Apply risk-based authentication and Zero Trust policies to maximize security and minimize disruptions
  • Levrage Silverfort’s AI-driven risk engine to continuously assess risk and trust levels
  • Detect and mitigate identity-based threats like malware propegation and lateral movement in real-time