Palo Alto Networks Ignite cybersecurity conference

Ignite 2018 cybersecurity conference will take place at Anaheim, California, this four-day event will include a highly technical 1:1 sessions, the latest in network security, endpoint security and cloud security, specialized course tracks, technological disruption, expert speakers, and technological partnerships with innovative security companies.

Silverfort will unveil its new threat-based MFA app for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework

Visit Silverfort at the Expo Hall Monday, May 21 through Thursday, May 24

Palo Alto Networks and Silverfort have partnered to deliver threat-based multifactor authentication across entire corporate networks and cloud environments. By combining Palo Alto Networks’s powerful threat detection capabilities and Silverfort’s unique ability to enforce step-up authentication anywhere in the network, this joint solution offers dynamic authentication policies based on real-time security alerts.

Join our team in the exhibit hall and see a live demo of our joint solution. The demo will include:

  • Enabling MFA for any resource, including systems that don’t support it today, using Silverfort’s agentless authentication platform.
  • Enforcing dynamic authentication policies based on security alerts from the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, to provide real-time prevention without blocking legitimate users, and reduce false positive alerts.
  • Achieving broad visibility and auditing of all authentication and access activity throughout the network, including AI-based risk assessment.