Join Silverfort at Ignite ’19 USA cybersecurity conference in Austin, Texas. As part of the Cortex area, Silverfort’s booth (D300) will be showing live demos of the Silverfort Next-Generaiton Authentication Platform and the integration with Palo Alto Networks:

Delivered as a Cortex App, Silverfort’s agentless adaptive authentication can trigger step-up authentication in response to detected threats in real-time. Silverfort gives suspicious users a chance to prove their identity and continue their work, while effectively blocking malicious entities. This allows organizations to eliminate false positives, maximize security and minimize disruptions.

Hed Kovetz

Join Silverfort’s CEO and Co-founder Hed Kovetz 

on June 3, Monday at 2:00 PM for the session:

Upping Your MFA Game

with Cortex Apps

You probably have some level of identity-based security controls in place and you might wish they could be even better. You may even want to protect homegrown and legacy systems that don’t support multi-factor authentication (MFA). Silverfort’s app on Cortex is your ticket to upping your MFA game. Come hear from identity expert and Silverfort co-founder, Hed Kovetz, to see how you can leverage Cortex to make your MFA strategy stronger than ever, by:

  • Leveraging analytics and detected threats from Cortex to make more accurate authentication and access decisions in real-time
  • Enabling MFA for sensitive systems that don’t support it today, including homegrown and legacy apps, IT infrastructure, IoT devices and more
  • Enforcing secure authentication and zero trust security policies throughout your corporate network and cloud environment, using an agentless proxyless architecture